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ACE Consultancy Services

How we can support You

If, you are a Corporate House, Government Department, National or International Funding Agency and are looking for causes and NGO to support, ACE brings a wide spectrum of services to provide end-to-end solutions for inclusive growth initiatives. We can help you in the following areas:

CSR Strategy & Program Design

ACE supports Corporate Houses in designing programmes that are aligned with their business objectives as well as needs and interests of community. As part of the process, we facilitate consultations with different stakeholders. This process is carried out by mapping of business needs with social needs through:

Community Needs Assessment (Using methodologies such as surveys, interviews, group discussions, asset mapping, secondary data analysis, etc in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the socio-economic status and/or political influences of targeted communities)

Understanding and articulating the need at the business level by facilitating discussions and interviews of the senior management

Managing CSR Programmes

ACE supports and assists Corporate Houses to manage their CSR activities and programmes. Our services include the following:

• Formulation of the implementation strategy and planning
• Grant Management
• Employee engagement, payroll giving, etc.
• Identification and due diligence of the implementation organization
• Partnership development (Strategy, identification, partnership development, partnership evaluation, etc)
• Hand holding support for programme management

Monitoring and Evaluation

National and International Donor/Funding Agencies, Corporate Houses, International Organizations, NGOs and Government sometimes require third party to monitor their ongoing programmes and evaluate their current status to assess the success or failure of programme, develop strategies before scaling up and study contributing and limiting factors in the programme.

ACE can :

• Assist in Social Impact Assessment by setting up a mechanism to monitor and track the progress of the initiative in the identified and agreed upon set of parameters.
• Evaluate and monitor the intended impact of the initiative and assist in making course correction; should it be warranted
• Document and regularly report on the feedback generated from the field
• Design a monitoring and Evaluation procedure for successful implementation
• Implement the designed monitoring and evaluation mechanism

Social & Environmental Risk Management

In business, risks lurk at every turn: safety of the product that threatens the viability of your products or services, community unrest that disrupt the plant production, adverse trends in political scenarios, etc. Accepting and managing these challenges/risks is what causes companies to grow, to outsmart their competitors, to bring a new product to market, and, most importantly, to produce profit. Risk assessment and management is an important component of a progressive company’s strategic plan.

ACE provides Social and Environmental Risk Management services to Corporate Houses where communities or environment is at risk due to the activities of the company. ACE provides solutions to the company for reducing these risks that affect their business adversely with focus on community empowerment and capacity building of the human resource of the company.

Responding to Disaster

Natural Disasters are unpredictable and can hit any geographical area in many forms such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, landslides, storms etc. Disasters interrupt essential services such as provision of health care, electricity, water, sanitation, transportation and communication. It affects the livelihoods of the community and leaves them vulnerable. Disasters have long lasting and traumatic impact on people long after the immediate effect has been mitigated.

National and International Organizations, Government, NGOs and Corporate Houses have always shown empathy and come forward to respond to natural disasters. But many a times they lack human resources and effective measures to respond, inspite of the available financial resources.

ACE can support Relief Agencies in disaster mitigation and would be able to:

• Provide human resource
• Provide effective strategy to plan relief activities
• Help provide facilities and services to disaster victims such as food, emergency health care, potable water and sanitation solutions
• Distribution of relief material to victims
• Help in relocating victims and provide temporary shelter
• Generate awareness and preparedness to minimize loss of life and damage
• Rehabilitation by providing livelihood opportunities

Capacity Building

Capacity building is an ongoing process through which individuals, groups and organizations enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges and achieve measurable and sustainable results. The CSR department of Corporate Houses needs to develop their human resource to understand the conceptual approach to CSR.

ACE can provide support to build the capacities of CSR department by:

• Providing resource support
• Organizing and conducting training and orientation programs
• Developing understanding of their staff to understand obstacles that inhibit their performance
• Strengthening their skills, competencies and abilities to deliver their services and communicate with community effectively

The capacity building programme would result into

• Developing a conceptual framework about company and its CSR policies
• Establishing an organizational attitude among the workers
• Developing vision and strategy about the CSR activities of the company
• Developing an organizational structure in the CSR department
• Acquiring skills and resources by the staff 

NGOs and Government Departments need to build capacities of their Human Resource for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their ongoing or newly launched programmes. ACE can provide support to build the capacities by:

• Providing resource support
• Organizing and conducting training and orientation programs
• Developing understanding of staff to understand obstacles that inhibit their performance
• Strengthening their skills, competencies and abilities to be able to understand and implement the programme effectively


Business Houses, NGOs and Government Departments outsource particular functions to specialized third party, paying them in exchange of their services.

ACE offers its services to realize certain benefits and address following issues:

• Cost savings
• Focus on core business/programme
• Cost restructuring
• Improve quality of services
• Access to knowledge and experience
• Provide services through legally binding Contract
• Operationalize expertise
• Access to a larger talent pool and sustainable sources of skill
• Capacity management of services and human resource
• Catalyst for change
• Enhance capacity for innovation
• Risk management
• Transfer of liabilities
• Building capacities of work force

Program Implementation and Monitoring

ACE facilitates Government, Corporate Houses and NGOs in Implementing their Community development Programmes and also in Monitoring them. ACE guides and supports in:

• Preparing project proposal
• Financial planning of the project
• Preparing ground work for the project
• Launching and implementing field activities
• Monitoring the field activities
• Back office support


ACE with its pool of experts in documentation supports Government, NGOs and Corporate Houses in writing/preparing: • Project proposals

• Training modules
• IEC material
• End of project reports
• Project evaluation reports
• Survey reports/Research reports
• Case studies

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