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Professional Team

Our Professional Team

ACE has 34 persons permanently working with the organization. In addition, a pool of professionals works with ACE as per requirements of a project or training programme or evaluation studies. The professionals on rolls with ACE are:

Our Professional Team Members

1. Mr. C. P. Kumbhat M. A, MPhil, MBA
2. Mr. Indraneel Ghosh, BSC, (Geology), PG in Rural Development, XISS, CDM.
3. Mrs. Preeti Agarwal, MA (Sociology), M. B. A (Rural development)
4. Mr. Mahesh Agarwal, BA Mass communications, MARD, MBA
5. Mr. Lokendra Paliwal, MSW
6. Ms. Iram Khan, MSW
7. Mr. Ajay Pandey, M. A. (Sociology)
8. Mr. Pankaj Pandya, M. A. (History)
9. Mr. Anil Singh. M.A (Psycology)
10. Mr. Sant Rao. M. A, PGDRD.
11. Mr. Vinay, M. B. A.
12. Mr. B. L. Dangi, M. Com
13. Mr. Binod Sahay, MSc.
14. Mr. Mukesh Kumar , M.A.
15. Mr. KhyaliShankar Vyas, B. Com, MSW
16. Mr. Ratan Kumar Choudhary, PG, Mass Communication
17. Mr. Chandra Gyaneshwer, MCA
18. Mr. Devanad Devesh, BA
19. Mr. Pravesh Kumar, BA
20. Mr. Sangit Kumar, BA
21. Mr. Pankaj Kumar, BA
22. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, BA
23. Mr. Amrit Ram Mehta, BA
24. Mr. Rakesh Kumar pandey, BA
25. Md. Alim Ansari, BA 26. Ms. Neha Saxena, BA (Home Science)
27. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, BA
28. Ms. Santoshi Agrawal, MA
29. Ms.Viniya Soni
30. Mukesh Purohit, M.A. MBA
31. Bharat Meena, M.A
32. Ganesh Roat, MSW
33. Ashok Chaudhry, MSW
34. Ram Sagar Meena, M.A. B.Ed.

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Professional Team
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